Äpfel und Birnen

Angesichts neuer Kreuzungsversuche von Apfel und Birne kam mir dieser Reim in den Sinn:

Bapfel, Bipfel und Apfinen,
neue Öbster braucht das Land.
Und sind sie nicht erschienen,
hat’s der Gärtner nicht gespannt.


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There is a saying, that people from my region become wise when reaching the age of fourty. ( http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schwabenalter ) Well, the saying was meant to say we stay a bit dumb before that age, but nevertheless, it seems to be a good age to start a blog and write a bit about my thoughts of past and present times. My interests are fairly wide spread, but mostly revolve about creation - be it photos, graphics, small crafts or rhymes and poetry. Lately social, political and spiritual topics have become of interest for me too. While much of that is related to art, I neither have a artistic education, or any deeper interest in art. Most of my life I've been a technician, with strong bias towards computer related activities. Since a few years I'm trying to change that, but the world is actually turning more and more towards computer technology, so it's kind of strange that I try to find more real life while everything else goes more virtual.

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