Die Schnecken sind zu stark

Es ist traurig, fast alles was ich vorziehe, und dann in den Garten pflanze wird von den Schnecken gefressen. Ich fürchte ich muss doch Schneckenkorn legen, wenn ich nicht alles verlieren will.


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There is a saying, that people from my region become wise when reaching the age of fourty. ( http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schwabenalter ) Well, the saying was meant to say we stay a bit dumb before that age, but nevertheless, it seems to be a good age to start a blog and write a bit about my thoughts of past and present times. My interests are fairly wide spread, but mostly revolve about creation - be it photos, graphics, small crafts or rhymes and poetry. Lately social, political and spiritual topics have become of interest for me too. While much of that is related to art, I neither have a artistic education, or any deeper interest in art. Most of my life I've been a technician, with strong bias towards computer related activities. Since a few years I'm trying to change that, but the world is actually turning more and more towards computer technology, so it's kind of strange that I try to find more real life while everything else goes more virtual.

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